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Miami-Dade College offers a program of A+ Computer Technician courses covering the hardware and operating systems areas of the A+ Certification examination sponsored by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). 

A+ Certification verifies that a computer technician has the competency of an IT worker with 6 months of computer repair experience. The College's Computer Technologies Program is designed to provide intensive hands-on training and in-depth instruction in computer and network repair.

Computer Repair    Course Descriptions

Microcomputer Service & Maintenance 1 (CET1171 and EEV0851)
This course is designed for students beginning the computer technician program for A+ Certification, as well as for every computer user who needs a basic understanding of computer hardware. Hands on classes focus on how computers work; disassembling, identifying, configuring and assembling the basic computer; installing Windows and using the command line; solving common problems; and performing basic hardware upgrades, repairs and system maintenance.   3 Credits.

Microcomputer Service & Maintenance 2 (CET1172c and EEV0852)
The continuation of the computer technician training program with emphasis on the configuration of computer memory, and system resources such as IRQ channels, I/O ports and DMA settings during the installation of hardware components. Students will assemble multimedia computers with CD-ROM drives, sound cards, pointing devices, and network cards; perform system upgrades; install device drivers; configure Windows devices; develop memory management skills; correct system errors; and perform system hardware diagnostics.   3 Credits.
Prerequisite: CET1171 or EEV0851

Microcomputer Service & Maintenance 3 (CET2176c and EEV0700)
This advanced course is intended to develop the student’s technical skills with Windows-based computers and covers the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of SCSI adapters and devices, printers, removable storage and backup devices; development of system building skills and pre-installation of Windows; use of advanced diagnostic tools and comprehensive hardware troubleshooting techniques; Internet access; component documentation; and technical support and service.   3 Credits.
Prerequisite: CET1172c or EEV0852

Microcomputer Networking & Maintenance 1 (CET1173c and EEV0701)
A beginning course in the construction, installation, configuring and interconnection of Windows network servers and workstations. Students will learn how to install and configure Windows NT and network interface cards, construct network cables and connectors, install network hubs and other network devices, and prepare the TCP/IP client. This is the first of two hardware-intensive courses designed for students training for the Network+ Certification.   3 Credits.
Prerequisite: CET1172c or EEV0852

Introduction to Electronics  (EET1082 and EEV0821)
Learn electronics by constructing practical electronic circuits. This survey course is suitable for both majors and non-majors and provides coverage of fundamental electronic concepts, including schematics, pictorials, amplifiers, oscillators, power supplies, radios, logic systems, digital circuits.   3 Credits.

A+ Certification Review (CET2930 and EEV0538)
A comprehensive review course designed to prepare the trained technician for the new A+ Certification Examination. This advanced course is designed to review and reinforce the student's technical knowledge acquired in previous courses or through on-the-job training. Coverage includes the Core Hardware Exam and the Operating System Technologies Exam. Lectures and practice examinations will review computer hardware and operating systems, focusing on the construction, installation, configuring, upgrading, troubleshooting, and repairing of microcomputer systems. This is a lecture-only course.  3 Credits.
Prerequisite: CET1172c or EEV0852


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